A Message From Our Leadership


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is credited with saying, “The Jewish people is a living Sefer Torah [Torah scroll], and each of us is one of its letters.”


The Talmud (Kid. 30a) teaches that the earliest Jewish scholars were called Soferim, from the root for “count,”  because of the way they meticulously counted all the letters of the Torah. According to most accounts, there are 304,805 words in a Torah scroll. In order for a scroll to be kosher (acceptable to use), it must contain every single letter. 


Similarly, this community needs each person--your insights and ideas, your involvement, your commitment--in order to thrive. And, just as each letter must be complete and fully formed, each one of our members is valued for all that you bring, and all that you are. 


Simply put, Rodef Shalom Congregation is not complete without you.


As we contemplate the new year, we are optimistic that together we will do great things. We will celebrate one another’s joys, stand alongside each other in times of challenge and grief; we will learn, sing and pray together.


All of us, together, make our community whole and holy.


Shanah Tovah u’metukah--wishing each one of us a healthy and joyful 5783.


Rabbi Sharyn Henry
Rabbi Jessica Locketz 

Bill Battistone, President

Barb Feige, Interim Executive Director