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Holiday Resources
Curated by our Rabbis and Staff

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Jewels of Elul | Daily short essays delivered to your email box. This year's theme is "On Their Shoulders."


Elul Workbook by Rabbi Jill Zimmerman | A "soul preparation" guide to the work of Elul.

Elul Meditations by Rabbi Amy Levin | Mostly short meditations curated and delivered to your email box.


Resources from | Includes an activity guide (Turn & Return) and other resources for Elul and beyond.

J-JEP's Elul Count Up | The Joint Jewish Education Program is posting daily questions and activities for children to do with their families throughout the month of Elul to prepare for the holidays.

You (Really) Can Host a Jewish Holiday Meal | Hosting tips from 18 Doors - delivering knowledge and connection to help you open the door to Jewish in a non-judgmental way.

Rosh Hashanah Recipes | 10 recipes for a sweet new year!

A Time to Grow | A PJ Library family guide for starting the Jewish New Year.